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Real Property


     At Dodaro, Matta, and Cambest, we routinely handle all matters dealing with real estate transactions and development.  

Estates and Trusts



     One of the most important decisions that we will make in our lives, is the determination of how we allocate the resources that we have attained in our lives, and doing so in the most beneficial manner to assist our family and friends upon our leaving this Earth.


     Dodaro, Matta and Cambest offers a wealth of Estate Planning and implementation experience to assist our clients with the proper and most beneficial disposition of their assets  within the Probate or Intestate Succession process, and to assist in all of the procedure and paperwork associated with the estate succession process.         


     We can help you with expert planning to prepare for all of the contingencies of the Estate Planning experience, and will be with you at every step of the endeavor to assist you at a most difficult period of your life and that of your Family.  

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