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     Whenever anyone is faced with issues that bring them under the purview of our Criminal Justice System, it is natural to want the best advocates and support team during the most difficult times that one may face in their lives.


     For decades, Dodaro, Matta and Cambest have represented clients in criminal related matters throughout the Pittsburgh area at every level. We take each case ready and willing to do whatever necessary to defend your civil liberties.


     From Drug and Alcohol related issues to greater offenses within the Criminal Code, we at Dodaro, Matta and Cambest, have always been at the side of our clients as they moved through the intricate and uncertain environment of the Criminal Justice System.


     In addition, Dodaro, Matta Cambest has added the services of former Washington County District Attorney, Steve Toprani, to our team of professionals to bring his wealth of experience and talent to the development of the Criminal Law Practice.


     Steve Toprani’s twenty years of expertise as a criminal law practionier, in addition to his wealth of experience as an elected District Attorney, and former Managing Attorney for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, bolster the ongoing Criminal Law practice of Dodaro, Matta and Cambest



White Collar Crime


      With the United States Justice Department's increased emphasis on the "responsible corporate officer doctrine," it is now more important than ever for executives to ensure they are in full compliance with the letter and spirit of countless federal statutes and regulations. Dodaro, Matta & Cambest is experienced in helping our business clients negotiate these often very difficult and confusing legal areas.

      Our attorneys bring to the table a long standing track record of success in the courtroom and a "scorched earth" approach that leaves no stone unturned. Any time you are standing toe-to-toe with the Federal government you have to be ready for a fight, and we most definitely are. 


      When possible, our attorneys seek to intervene at the earliest stages of any investigation, when the government might be more amenable to a non-criminal resolution. If facing any type of Federal investigation, you can contact us by visiting our "Contact" page. 

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