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     If you are in need of help in incorporating your business, developing and protecting your interests in the current world of litigation and lawsuits, or insuring that your business can thrive and prosper in today’s changing market conditions, then Dodaro, Matta and Cambest is the firm to choose to protect your interests.


     Whether it’s the draft and development of a Partnership Agreement, Articles of Incorporation to protect your bottom line business interests, or the development of the proper Business relationship as a Sub Chapter S filing to protect your Business entity, Dodaro, Matta and Cambest offers you the background and resources to make your business planning choices the most desirable for your bottom line business success.

Civil Rights

     "All men are created equal." "Government by consent of the governed." "Give me liberty or give me death." Those are not just clever words, and those are not just empty theories. In their name Americans have fought and died for two and a half centuries. Whether it be Lexington and Concord, or Selma, Alabama, long suffering Americans have given their blood, sweat and tears carving out the Civil Rights we have today. 

     At Dodaro, Matta & Cambest we stand strong in the defense of those Rights.  We believe that this one unwavering institution which bonds us all as Americans and human beings must be protected at all costs. And so, our attorneys have defended the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments against entities such as the City of Pittsburgh Police Department and the City of Pittsburgh itself. Our team not only has the experience necessary to vigorously defend your Rights, but we also have the passion and committment necessary to go the extra mile in order to ensure a just outcome. 

Pennsylvania Tax


      Our firm has experience with tax litigation and advising clients regarding real estate and other tax levy and collection by a taxing entity, as well as litigation regarding real estate tax appeals. Each and every one of our attorneys has gained extensive experience in this field through our practice in Municipal Law. 


       As the complexion of the American family has changed over the years, so too has the practice of family law.  Clients look to our family law attorneys to represent them in matters involving the most personal and complex issues affecting their family lives.

       Dodaro, Matta & Cambest is comprised of experienced, compassionate attorneys that cumulatively have a strong record of successfully representing clients in all aspects of family law.

       Our family law attorneys are sensitive to the emotionally painful process that occurs when parties divorce. Our goal is to achieve the best result for our clients in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible. When appropriate, Dodaro, Matta & Cambest's family law attorneys work closely with our tax, corporate, real estate and trust and estate attorneys to provide a comprehensive approach to complex family law matters.

Personal Injury

      Personal injury can be life changing. No one can undo the damange or even death that has been done. At Dodaro, Matta & Cambest, we believe that in addition to the emotional cost of pain and suffering, you should not also have to bear the crushing burden of medical bills, lost wages, property damage and unwanted changes in your lifestyle that were forced upon you by someone else's negligence. By contacting our attorney's, we can help you regain some of what you lost.

      Our attorneys have years of experience litigating such matters, and have received extremely generous settlements and trial verdicts. With decades of trial experience, our attorney's go into each and every case preparing for a hard fought trial. Considering that a majority of lawyers tend to avoid trial at all costs, this becomes a very strong bargaining chip in your case's favor. Contact us today in order to give our attorney's the best chance of getting a leg up on the opposing side. 

Commercial Litigation

      Our litigation practice covers the entire spectrum of complex commercial litigation — from business fraud, contracts and real estate litigation to insurance disputes, professional liability litigation and injunction proceedings. We pride ourselves on vigorous representation of our business clients in their roles as both plaintiff and defendant


      At Dodaro, Matta & Cambest, we take a comprehensive approach to bankruptcy law, drawing on the particular expertise of attorneys practicing in a myriad of areas of our full-service law firm. Together, we focus on keeping our clients out of the courtroom, because experience has shown that this approach often leads to beneficial results and considerable cost savings for our clients.


      Divorce is a painful life experience, and it is important to resolve your legal issues as quickly and effectively as possible in order to move on with your life. It is also important to keep in mind the best interests of the children who may be involved. We at Dodaro, Matta & Cambest provide top notch legal advice and helpful guidance in order to do so.


      It is important to acquire legal counsel when dealing with experiences such as divorce. You can count on us for child custody, child support, the division of property, spousal support and any other issues you need to address as you seek to end your marriage.

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