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Attorneys and Advisors



Dodaro, Matta & Cambest, P.C. offers a wide-range of legal and advocacy services for both public and private clients.  Our central office is in Southpointe, Pennsylvania and our satellite offices are conveniently located in Pittsburgh and Monessen.

Where We Practice. 

Members of the firm are admitted to practice before the following Courts:


  • United States Supreme Court (All Federal Courts)

  • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (All Pennsylvania Courts)

  • Supreme Court of New Jersey (All New Jersey Courts)

  • Supreme Court of Texas (All Texas Courts)

  • Supreme Court of West Virginia (All West Virginia Courts)

  • Supreme Court of Ohio (All Ohio Courts)


Our History.    Founded in 1978 as the law firm of Zappala, Dodaro & Cambest, the firm was one of the first in the region to focus on municipal law.  The current firm, established in 1992 as Dodaro, Matta & Cambest, P.C., serves a broad range of government and private clients in diverse matters. 


Our Experience.  Our professionals boast nearly 150 years of combined experience in representing clients as municipal and school solicitors, in-house corporate counsel, government agency attorneys and as private practitioners.


Practice Areas. 

We offer services across several areas, including:


As Attorneys for Public clients:


  • Municipal Law and Bond Counsel

  • Education Law


As Attorneys for Private Clients, individuals, businesses and organizations:


  • Corporate and Business Law

  • Litigation:       


  • Commercial

  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal

  • Tax

  • Civil Rights

  • Family

  • Special Investigations

  • Appeals

  • Grand Jury


  • Oil & Gas

  • Estates, Trusts, Real Estate and Tax


As Advocates and Lobbyists:


  • Government Relations

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